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2 o'Clock Care

What is 2 O'Clock Care???

2 O'Clock Care is a free, limited spaced program offered by Hart-Ransom School District. The program provides safe, fun supervision between 2:00 and 2:40.
It is designed for Kindergarten through third grade students who get out of school at 2:00 pm and are waiting for either a sibling with a 2:40 dismissal or rides a bus that only runs at 2:40.  
At 2:40, students then ride the appropriate buses or get picked up with their sibling(s) from adults designated by the family.
All inquiries regarding participation in this program should be made through the school office. 

*Please note that in order to insure your child's safety, no child will be allowed to go home on a bus that is different from their usual schedule without a note, email, or call from a legal guardian.